4 New Halloween Horror Scents


It's never too early for Haunt Season to start, and we have 4 new candle and wax melt scents based on your favorite haunted mazes.

Scarecrow, Yukon Yeti, Snow, and Krampus have been added to our growing collection of Halloween Horror Scents. Learn more about them below or click here to purchase.

Halloween Horror Scarecrow recreates haunted houses with scary scarecrows and creepy cornstalks.

Halloween Horror Yukon Yeti brings you right back to wandering through a maze of cabins encountering yetis in the Great White North.

Halloween Horror Snow recreates the sensation of falling snow (snoap) at the entry facades to some of your best haunted memories.

Halloween Horror Krampus will remind you of the dark side of Christmas, so you better beware those evil gingerbread men.

Stay tuned for more unique scents coming soon, including more frightful delights. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter (below) to never miss a new release, and for exclusive savings!

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