New Scents: Pandoran Flight


Our newest collection of scents will help you remember your breathtaking flight on a banshee over an alien planet.

Soar over the ocean, stop in a glowing bioluminescent cave, and swoop down through the forest of the floating mountains.

You can purchase any of these three scents individually, available in both candle tins and wax melts, or all together as a bundle and save $5.00 off the tins and $3.00 off the wax melts.

Cave Bioluminescence - Bioluminescent sprites float in the air around you as your banshee stops to take a breath, before the entire cave is illuminated in glow. Scent features both crisp fruit and subtle floral notes to create the perfect blend you remember.

Ocean Mist - Narrowly miss being splashed by a large whale-like creature jumping out of the water as your banshee soars through a cresting wave. Feel the mist on your face and breathe in the smell of the ocean all around you. (Note: This is the same as our Soaring: Fiji scent.)

Forest Stampede - Your banshee soars through the Pandoran forest before startling a galloping herd of horse-like creatures, which kick up a cloud of dirt among the smell of grass.

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