Soaring Trio Collection
Soaring Trio Collection
Soaring Trio Collection
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Soaring Trio Collection

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Purchase this bundle of all three of our Soaring scents and save $3.00 off the tins or $2.00 off the wax melts, perfect for remembering your fantasy flight around the world!

Soaring: Fiji - This scent will bring you back to memories of soarin over the blue waters of Fiji. The land is left behind when you're hang gliding with this crisp ocean scent. (This is also the ocean mist scent from Flight of Passage.)

Soaring: Africa - Remember the relaxing thrill of soarin over the Serengeti, with Mt. Kilimanjaro in the distance. You'll swear you see the African elephants kicking dirt over themselves with this scent made of grasslands and a hint of earth.

Soaring: India - Soar over the reflecting pool in front of the Taj Mahal with this rose and floral scent you remember from your fantasy hang gliding trip around the world.

Candle Tin is a 5.5 oz paraffin blend scented candle in an 8 oz tin with a clear lid. Wax Melts are 2.75 oz of scented paraffin blend wax in a 6-section clamshell. Our scents are individually formulated to bring the most realistic representations to life.

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